Away from the hustle and bustle of large cities, Puducherry is a peaceful tiny town on the southern coast of India. The clear French intermediary, the tree-lined streets, the charming colonial culture buildings, the religious landscapes, the endless extents of unspoiled virgin beaches and backwaters and an extraordinary choice of restaurants serving a melange of cookeries provide an overwhelming mix of happening that draws tourists from near and far to the city. It is the ideal spot to come if you want to take the pace of life down a few indents. Tales of citizen sages come down during its antiquity from the initial days. The older 'French' part of town (where you'll probably spend most of your time) is full of quiet, clean streets, lined with bougainvillea-draped colonial-style townhouses numbered in an almost logical manner. Newer Pondy is typical, hectically South Indian. Experience fabulous shopping, French food (hello steak!), beer (au revoir Tamil Nadu alcohol taxes), and lots of yoga and meditation. Pondicherry is home to numerous colonial villas, which have been restored and transformed into charming heritage hotels in Puducherry. These boutique hotels in Puducherry offer a great opportunity to get a first-hand experience of Pondicherry’s colonial past. EasyMyJourney offers great deals to book these hotels in Puducherry.

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