Endowed with a long coastline, it is the de facto leader of the cashew trade and processing production in India. It is historically recognized as being amongst the most prominent ports which were part of the traditional Spice Trade. Over a third of its exterior is embraced by the famous Ashtamudi Lake, the gateway to the famous backwaters of Kerala. Get onboard a houseboat and let the wonderful landscape transportation you to an age where nature stayed in our midst. An eight-hour ride via this path to Alappuzha is among the most sought-after and pleasant trips that Kerala has to allow. Once identified as Quilon, Kollam has a host of different tendencies. People prefer touring the Ashtamudi Backwaters. There are several places like the Thenmala Ecotourism Centre, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Alumkadavu for the tourists. The area is habitat to one of the most magnificent temples built in classical Kerala style. These are evidence of Kollam's magnificent past. One can also go and loosen at the nearby shores, specifically Kollam, Thirumullavaram and Thangasseri. Kollam Fest is Kollam's personal seasonal festival, interesting frequently Keralites but also hundreds of native and immigrant visitors to Kollam. The principal venue of Kollam Fest is the well-known and enormous Ashramam Maidan. Kollam Fest is the trademark attraction of Kollam. Kollam Fest explores to showcase Kollam's vibrant culture and legacy, tourism potential and properties in fresh adventures. With plenty of good hotels In Kollam, travelers can enjoy a decent stay. Book these amazing hotels in Kollam with EasyMyJourney now.

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