Imagine a petite hamlet. Now imagine a serene lake, beautifully carpeted pastures where animals are grazing away into tranquility. It is completely ensconced in between a dense forest. No, this is not just fantasy. Khajjiar exists in reality but it is nothing less than a fantasy come to life. This hill station is established on a little plateau which has a small stream-fed lake in the center which is carpeted with weeds. Monsoon is a very good time to visit. The calmness of the place connects you to nature. Khajjiar is the picturesque balance of the three eco-systems which are the lake, the pastures, and the forest. This place has multiple activities to offer such as zorbing, paragliding, horse riding etc. There are some food options available as well. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the rare beautiful sites to hit in Khajjiar. Dainkund Hill is among the most fascinating and spectacular sites to tour near Khajjiar. It’s the extraordinary peak in Dalhousie. The ancient Khajinag temple is quite an attraction for the tourists. It sports a golden dome and spire. A walk around the lakeside is so relaxing and the air is so rejuvenating. It is a perfect place for spending quality time with your loved ones. Have a seat at the extreme corner of the valley for a great view and appreciate everything about life. Visit this magical place and stay in the best hotels in Khajjiar to get the best of that place. EasyMyJourney offers the best deals to book amazing hotels in Khajjiar.

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