Kasauli is an attractive hill station of Himachal Pradesh. There are several places which assemble travelers to Tour in Kasauli. The Nahri temple is a famous spot for the religious migrants. Gilbert trail is a beautiful lane of nature where you can have a great walk. It is definitely among the must-visit sites for all the nature followers. The twilight spot in Kasauli excites a number of visitants because of the marvelous landscape of the valleys. The Mall in Kasauli is the principal purchasing section which the people go scoring for things. Monkey point or also ordinarily known as Manki is the eminent spot in Kasauli. It is a significant sightseer inclination location in Kasauli. Christ Church is a prominent place for all the photo enthusiasts, God applicants and experience seekers. .The Garden of Char Minar is amongst one of the Mughal fields in Kasauli. There are several fountains in the palace and one can gape over the excellence of the minar for hours. You will see a number of tourists huddled at the HawaGhar in Kasauli to see the sunrise fresh in the morning. This site doesn’t mislead and provides you an adequate glimpse of the mounting sun and the nearby area. Some very good hotels in Kasauli are available to be booked. EasyMyJourney is the best platform to get great deals in booking hotels in Kasauli. So book your stay at the best hotels with us now!

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