Located at an excellent position, Dharamshala is a charming and friendly destination, reached at various levels and enclosed by woodlands of pine. The massive snow-capped peaks of the Dhauldhars rise like giant waves of frozen oceans, providing the town with a breathtaking view. Dharamshala is a hill station with great variations in altitudes, temperature, and character, making it a favorite for many visitors. The town is divided into two areas. The upper Dharamshala is known more commonly as McLeodganj and is the center of all the tourist activities and the most information related to Dharamshala mostly refers to McLeod Ganj. The inferior Dharamshala includes all the profit centers, and one can also see some tea fields there. Bhagasu, Dharamkot, Tsuglagkhang complex, Tibet Museum, Bhagsunag falls, Dal lake, Indrahar pass, Triund and meeting the Dalai Lama are a few of the major attractions that can be visited in Dharamshala. Snow is common in the upper reaches of the town which also attracts several tourists during winters. Being a tourist town, Dharamshala has no shortage of accommodations facilities from luxury resorts to budget lounges and inns. There are several Buddist meditation centers that provide both food and lounging to the visitors for 5-30 days meditational courses. The nearby towns of Bhagasu and Dharamkot are hustling with resorts, cafe, and eateries for the visitors. There are a lot of luxury and budget hotels in Dharamshala. Go on a holiday to Dharamshala with exciting holiday packages specially made for you by EasyMyJourney and stay in hotels in Dharamshala. Contact us now to get the best deals.

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