Amidst two wonderful man-made lakes, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is a sprawling city with the correct blend of culture, heritage and contemporary life. Bhopal is a city which steps into the future with a bright culture and vibrant history tracing its footsteps. It is extremely ornamented with the dignified mosques which showcase typical Mughal architecture such as the Taj-Ul-Masjid, one of the greatest in India, built by the third female ruler Bhopal had, Shah Jahan Begum, Moti Masjid and various more. The city will also develop your attention through its breathtakingly magnificent havelis and galleries as well as the nawabi cuisine that is a perfect delight for foodies. Bhopal is also the cultural hub with numerous art performing centers in the city. Split by a pair of creeks, Bhopal is an elegant blend of the old and the new; the yesterday and the today, the natural and the classy. The majestic city was governed by the Begums of the Nawabs for over a century. From Bhojpal (former name) to Bhopal, the city articulates volumes of its principles and occurrence. The Upper Lake was created by Raja Bhoj while the Lower Lake was approved by Chhote Khan. Collectively, these lakes extend a beautiful and mesmerizing view of the miracles of nature. Bhopal fosters a cuisine where much of history, styles and ingredients blend to give the guests a rich and delightful platter to enjoy. There are a lot of budget hotels in Bhopal where the travelers can stay without spending much and relax. Book the hotels in Bhopal with EasyMyJourney and plan a comfortable stay.

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