Almora, another renowned hill station of Uttarakhand is identified as the prominent capital of Kumaon. This city is positioned on a 5 km mountain series built at an altitude of 1,650 m and from a range, its form mirrors a horseshoe. Almora was not recognized and cultivated by the British, rather it was the seat of power of the Chand Dynasty who governed the land of Kumaon for nearly a millennium. The town has preserved its old rituals and ideas that are evident in the way homes and roads have been constructed. The ancient forts, the traditional monuments and the noble courts still survive in proper shape. You can get an insight into the progression of art, culture and lifestyle of this area. It has a vibrant acquisition of articles of archaeological, historical and cultural importance. This museum has an unparalleled collection of a folkway of painting called Aipan. Nanda Devi Temple, one of the chief charms of Almora, This temple is around a thousand years old. The carvings on the walls of this temple are beautiful. Each year, the Nanda Devi Mela is arranged here in a big way.There are a lot of hotels in Almora where the people visiting the place can stay to relax after the hectic day. You can choose budget as well as luxury hotels to stay. Book these hotels in Almora with EasyMyJourney to get great prices. So book your holiday now and enjoy your vacation in Almora.

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