Location : Southeast of Srinagar

Spread Over : 400 sq km

Best Season : Animal viewing - September to March (lower areas), Bird viewing - March to May (lower areas), Animal/Bird viewing - May to August (upper areas)

Attractions : Musk Deer, Leopard, Hangul, Snow Cock, Monal, Brown bear, Koklas, Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Mouse, etc and a wide variety of birds.

Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve is situated to the southeast of Srinagar, at a distance of 76 km. The biosphere reserve is rich in some rare and endangered animals as well as avian life. Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve of Kashmir has a thick green cover also. The principal vegetation in the area comprises of conifers (about ninety percent). The major species are Abies pindrow, Cedrus deodara, Pinus griffithii, Aesculus indica, etc. The shrubs of Viburnum spp., Sorbaria tomentosa, Indigofera heterantha, etc, along with Dicotyledonus herbs cover the ground of the reserve.

Wildlife Attractions at Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve

The presence of a number of species of exceptional and protected species, further enhances the attraction of the Kashmir, India Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve. The uncommon inhabitants of the reserve consist of Musk Deer, Leopard, Hangul, Snow Cock, Monal, Brown bear and Koklas. Apart from that, the other inhabitants of the Overa Aru Biosphere Reserve are Hare, Serow, Rhesus Macaque, Grey Langur, Himalayan Mouse, etc. The bird population of the reserve consists of both resident as well as migratory pheasants and some other bird species. The avian life comprises of Snow Cock, Koklas, Blue Rock Pigeon, European Hoopoe, Griffon Vulture, Kashmir Roller, Monal, etc.