Location : Maenam, South Sikkim District

Area : 36.43 sq kms

Highlights : Vast Range of Fauna

Attraction : An interesting trekking destination, varied fauna

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is definitely a treat for the wildlife lovers. Located at Maenam in South Sikkim, the Sanctuary is accessible by regular buses or by hiring taxis from Namchi. Covered by thick forests, Maenam Sanctuary encompasses a vast range of fauna. Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary lies above Tendong Hill, covering an area of 36.43 sq kms. In literal terms, 'Meanam-la' means a "treasure-house of medicines" and as the name suggests, the sanctuary has many plants of medicinal value.

Elevating from the altitude of 2300 meters to 3263 meters, Maenam Sanctuary also offers a stunning view of Teesta River that flows far below the region. Even, the Maenam Hill comes in the periphery of this Sanctuary. The thick forests of Maenam make abode of Red Panda, Goral, Serow, Barking Deer, Marbled-Cat, Leopard-Cat, Civet-Cats, Blood Pheasant, Common Hill Partridge, Magpies, Black Eagle, Blue necked Pitta along with many other animals and birds.

Apart from its rich fauna, Maenam is famous for being a great trekking destination for trekkers. At a distance of 12 kms, Ravangla is the nearest town to Maenam. The trek route to Maenam starts from Ravangla, transiting through trails of alpine forests in the company of striking vistas of Mt. Kanchenjunga. This trekking expedition takes around 4 hours. On the apex of this sanctuary, you can trace Maenam Monastery that was established by the Queen of Sikkim in 1969. Tourists come to the sanctuary while enjoying the adventure of trekking.