Location : 42 Km From Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu

Attractions : Several species of Indian and African crocodiles and alligators

Best Time : Throughout the Year

Crocodile Bank is Run By : Romulve Whittaker

The Chennai Crocodile Bank is located about 44 Km from the Chennai city. This crocodile bank houses several species of Indian and African crocodiles and alligators. Here, the crocodiles are kept in their natural environment in open pools and can be viewed from safe proximity. The Crocodile farm at Chennai was set up to increase the crocodile population of the wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

The Crocodile Bank is spread over an area of about 3.2 hectares. The bank offers a green bed of tropical vegetation, which provides sufficient shade to the crocodiles inside the bank. The crocodile Bank has about seven crocodilian species including three Indian types. The Indian species include the 3.6-meter long Marsh/Mugger variety (which is the most widely distributed species), the four to five meter long Gharials (the crocodile with the longest jaw) and the saltwater crocodiles, the largest of reptiles.

The Chennai/Madras Crocodile Bank was started to protect the dwindling crocodile population. This bank has already produced more than 6,000 crocodiles till now. One more attraction is the snake farm where anti venom is produced. The snake venom extractions are a great pull to the visitors to the bank.

Crocodiles perform a significant ecological role as predators and scavengers. In their role as scavengers and predators, they help to raise the genetic quality of their prey by feeding on the sick, weak and injured fish. It is interesting to note that the Crocodile Bank also conducts research on turtles and monitor lizards, which are crocodile's environmental partners, found in common environs. In India, there are about 26 species of turtles, of which many are endangered.

How to Reach

By Air : Chennai is the nearest airport and connected with all the major cities in India.

By Rail : The nearest railway stations are Chengalpattu (29 km) and Chennai (42 km).

By Road : There are regular bus services available from Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Chennai. The Crocodile Bank is on the way to Mahabalipuram.