Location : Amravati district of Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit : October to June

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Amaravati district of Maharashtra and forms one of the popular excursions from the Amravati city. The sanctuary forms a part of the sole hill station of the Vidarbha region, characterized by beautiful lakes, serene lakes and cascading waterfalls. Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary boasts of a rich and varied wildlife and has been named after the spot known as 'Keechaka'.

It is the same spot where Bhima (one of the five Pandavas) is said to have killed Keechaka and thrown him into the valley. Initially, the sanctuary was known as 'Keechakadara Wildlife Sanctuary'. However, with time, the name got distorted and the sanctuary came to be known as Chikhaldara. Apart from being home to exotic wildlife, Chikhaldara also claims the distinction of being the only coffee growing area in the entire state of Maharashtra.

The wild animals that can be seen inside the precincts of the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary of India include Panthers, Sloth Bears, Sambar, Wild Dogs and Wild Boars. The sanctuary also offers panoramic views of the valley situated below. There are a number of places near it that are definitely worth having a look at. These include Melghat Tiger Reserve, Gavilgad Fort, Narnala Fort, Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, Tribal Museum and Semadoh Lake.

Spots like Hurricane point, Prospect point and Devi point offers amazing views of the Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary. As far as accommodation in the sanctuary is concerned, you can easily get a room in the MTDC Resorts. The best time to visit the sanctuary, which is situated at an altitude of approximately 1118 meters, is from October to June. The airport nearest from Chikhaldara is in Akola (150 km away) and nearest railway station is in Badnera (110 km away).