Location : Just 2 Kilometers off the town

Ideal Time to Visit : Anytime round the year, Monday Closed

Attraction : Fauna and Flora

Allen Forest Zoo in Kanpur is one of the most visited Zoological Parks of not only Uttar Pradesh but also the whole of India. This zoo cum botanical garden is a must visit destination during your tour to Kanpur. Allen Forest Zoo that is popularly called the Kanpur Zoo was opened in 1971 and ranks among one of the best zoos in the country. It is an ideal place for outdoor life and picnics amongst picturesque surroundings.

The Zoological Park in Kanpur was the brainchild of one Sir Allen after whom the zoo bears its name. Sir Allen was a member of the then Indian Civil Service. A botanist par excellence, Sir Allen had conceived an idea to open the zoo but his plans got stuck in the debris of Red-tapeism and didn't materialize. When the zoo was opened in 1971 by the government of independent India, it was decided that the zoo would be named after him.

The Zoo has a number of animals, birds and reptiles in its kitty. The notable member from the animal kingdom includes Tiger, White Asiatic Tiger, Asiatic Lions, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena, Bear, Grizzly, Monkeys, Languor, Baboon, Musk deer, Deer, Antelope and more. Among the birds, the prized possessions of the zoo are Emus, Ostrich, Parrots, Parakeet, Saras-Crane and various Indian as well as European fowls.