Mumba Devi Temple is a renowned holy place of Mumbai in Maharashtra. Located at Bhuleshwar, the temple is dedicated to the Goddess Mumba. Actually, the term 'Mumbai' for the city has been derived from 'Mumba Devi'. Mumba Devi is regarded as 'Shakti' and people worship her with full devotion. Initially, the temple was erected at Bori Bunder, which presently makes the site of Victoria Terminus.

As per the mythological legends, the temple was the outcome of attacks by Mumbarka. Mumbarka was a cruel giant who used to plunder the city for fun sake. Petrified by the attacks of Mumbarka, the city-dwellers kept their situation before Lord Brahma. It is said that Lord Brahma made a Goddess with eight arms, to slay the demon Mumbarka for the benefit of people. The Goddess slaughtered the demon and as a result, she came to be known as 'Mumba'.

In the later years, the devotees raised a temple in her honor. In 1739, Mumba Devi temple was destroyed, again temple was built at Bhuleshwar, the present site in Mumbai. The temple doesn't boast of intricate architecture, rather it is very simple. In the main shrine, the idol of Mumba Devi appears majestic clad in rich clothes with a silver crown, a nose stud and a golden necklace. The altar is always festooned with garlands of marigold flower.

On the left, one can see Goddess Annapurna mounted on a Peacock. In front of Mumba Devi, there is a tiger that makes the mount of the goddess. The Goddess is without mouth symbolizing the Mother Earth. Mumba Devi, in this form, is revered by the Dravidians of the western and the southern part of India. In the temple complex, there are other shrines that are dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Maruti, Mahadev, Indrayani, Murlidhar, Jagannath, Narsoba and Balaji respectively.

Mumba Devi is said to be patron deity of Koli fisherman, the original residents of Mumbai. In the present day, the temple stands amidst the crowded markets of steel and cloth in south Mumbai. In the vicinity of the temple, there are many shops, where flowers of different types are available. The temple is closed on Mondays. People come to Mumba Devi Mandir to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

Location : Bhuleshwar, in south Mumbai, Maharashtra

Dedicated to : Mumba Devi (a form of Shakti)

Significance : an ancient temple of Mumbai