Vaishali is known for its rich heritage. The excavation of various sites in and around Vaishali has yielded many relics and artifacts. To keep safe these artifacts, Archeological Survey of India has established a museum here called Vaishali Museum. The museum, established in the year 1971, preserves the antiquities in its four galleries, and is a major tourist attraction.

Tourists and people who are interested in exploring the history of the region often visit this museum. Findings like human figurines, plaque of Buddha, Naigamesha, mother-child, Durga, Bodhisattva plaques are important for history writing and full exploration of Vaishali.

Vaishali museum also houses potsherds of NBP and PGW which include bangles, arrowheads, bones etc. Other than these, the museum displays iron and copper instruments like knife, nail, bell etc in the third gallery. Fourth gallery displays earthen ware such as dish, miniature vessel, vase, bowl, lamp, inkpot, lid bell, sprinkler and spout etc. All these are showcase of rich history of Vaishali.

The museum, closed on Friday, has hundreds of other antiques to show including the terracotta figurines of bull, dog, monkey, ram, elephant, horse, birds, snake hood, seals and sealing, wheel, rattle, dabber, beads, toilet pan of terracotta, copper punch marked and cast coins, etc.