Location : 5 kilometers from Kozhikode

Main Attractions : Ancient murals, collections of Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma

The Pazhassiraja museum and the art gallery of Kozhikode have been named after the famous Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma of the Kottayam royal family. Pazhassiraja led the famous 'Pazhassi Revolt' against the East India Company during the 1700's. Pazhassiraja was nicknamed the Lion of Kerala and is also accredited with starting guerilla war in the hills of Wayanad to give a blow to the unbearable British rule. He was shot dead in an encounter on 30th November 1805. The Calicut Pazhassiraja museum was built as a tribute to this great freedom fighter. The Pazhassiraja museum has preserved the memories of this freedom fighter in the best possible way.

The State Archeology Department manages the museum and has preserved the various artifacts beautifully. The items that are exhibited include ancient coins, mural paintings, antique statues, umbrella stones and other artifacts. The art gallery has a good collection of oil paintings of the famous painter Raja Ravi Varma. Raja Ravi Varma was known as the "prince among painters and painter among princes". The art gallery and the museum both are an interesting treat for historians and connoisseurs of art.

How to Reach

By Air : The nearest airport is the Karipur Airport, which is located at a distance of around 23 kilometers from the museum.

By Rail : The Kozhikode railway station is around 3 kilometers from the museum.

By Road : Kozhikode is well connected by a wide network of roads and the museum is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.