Location : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Attractions : Scientific instruments on display

National Science Centre Museum is situated in the Pragati Maidan area of New Delhi. The museum, one of the largest science centers in the country, was set up mainly for the kids to develop their interest in the field of science. It consists of an array of working science models, which can be operated by the visitors themselves. These are intended to make the children understand the basic scientific facts, as to how things work. A visit to the National Science Centre Museum of New Delhi is one of the best ways to arouse curiosity in the minds of children as well as initiate them into this field.

Numerous scientific instruments have been put on display in this museum for the purpose. One of the largest and best science centers established by the National Council of Science Museum, it was set up with the aim of combining learning science with fun. National Science Centre has been divided into a number of galleries, each of them dedicated to a different theme. Every gallery houses several exhibits, which are based on different scientific laws and theories. Students learn these laws by watching practical demonstrations of the same.

The most intriguing as well as the most mesmerizing models of the museum are those exhibited at the Human Biology Gallery. The most popular gallery at the National Science Centre Museum is the Dinosaur's gallery of animals of Mesozoic era. The other popular displays at the museum are the ones telling about the contribution of India in the field of science and mathematics and the Nobel Prize winners. A library, an inflatable planetarium and a souvenir shop located in the premises of the museum also attract crowds.