Location : Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in Delhi serves as the subsidiary office of the Ministry of Environment and Forests. It was inaugurated and opened to the general public on 5th June 1978, the World Environment Day. Set up with the aim of encouraging environmental education and initiating conservation consciousness, it serves as one of the perfect means to introduce children into the world of flora and fauna. A number of in-house and outreach activities are undertaken at the museum.

The motto of National Museum of Natural History is 'Educating while entertaining'. It aims at educating people about the rich flora and fauna of the country, while keeping them entertained. The museum comprises of four theme-based galleries and a number of hands-on activity areas. The first gallery provides a basic idea about the evolution of life, along with the brief introduction of the flora and fauna, their natural habitats and the threats they are facing. The second gallery is based on our ecosystems and the dangers they face.

The third gallery of the Natural History Museum revolves the endangered species of birds and animals in the India subcontinent. Here, stress has been given on conveying the importance, as well as the methods, of conservation. The fourth, and the last, gallery is based on 'Cells and Tissues'. Here, one can know about the structure and functions of the smallest unit of life, along with the basic difference between plant and animal cells and other related issues. The museum also has a Discovery Room.

In this room, children get a chance to handle specimens, along with undertaking creative activities like animal modeling. National Museum of Natural History, situated in New Delhi, also comprises of a Bio-Science Computer Room, an Activity Room and a Mobile Museum and so on. An added attraction of the museum is a film show that is held everyday between 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. Last but not the least, in order to further enhance the environmental awareness, lectures and exhibitions are also organized frequently.