Location : Opposite the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

Founded In : 1996

National Gallery of Modern Art is an organization that comes under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture - Department of Culture, Government of India. It opened its Mumbai branch in the year 1996 and since then, it has been organizing exhibitions in the city on a regular basis. The building where the National Gallery of Modern Art of Bombay has now been housed was once a public hall. However, it was renovated and today, this three-tiered structure houses an exquisite collection of artworks collected from all over the world.

The amazing compilation of artworks seen here belongs to various artists, sculptors and civilizations. National Gallery of Modern Art of Mumbai is situated on the M.G. Road in Fort area, opposite the Prince of Wales Museum. The collection showcased at the gallery is mainly made up of modern contemporary art by artists from India as well as other countries. The two most famous exhibits of the gallery comprise of a collection of Pablo Picasso's works and Egyptian artifacts (like mummies, statues, etc).