Location : Convent of Santa Monica, Old Goa

Established in : 1994

Highlights : Rosaries made of gold and precious stone, image of St. Francis Xavier, ivory image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

The Museum of Christian art is a unique repository of the exquisite church art that blossomed during the Portuguese era. The only one of its kind in Asia, the Christian Art Museum was set up in 1994 in a joint collaboration between Calouste Gulbentian foundation of Portugal and the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), New Delhi.

Originally located at the famous Rachol Seminary at Rachol near Margao, the Museum of Christian Art did not strike a chord with the tourists because of its remote location. In order to unleash the true potential of the museum, it was relocated within the precincts of the convent of Santa Monica, Old Goa, contiguous to the Old Goa world heritage monuments.

The Museum of Christian Art has done a yeoman's service in preserving the priceless collection of Goa's Christian art and craft. The fabulous array of art objects includes rosaries and other items made of gold and precious stone. Goa's patron saint, St. Francis Xavier, is shown in silver plaques and on the panels of a silver casket. Among the elegant ivory images, the 'Good Shepherd' depicting Jesus as an allegorical shepherd watching his flock is a prime attraction.