Location : Laburnam Road, Gamdevi, Mumbai

Mani Bhawan Museum, also known as Mani Bhawan Gandhi Sangrahalaya, is situated on the Laburnam Road in Mumbai. It is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the 'Father of the Nation'. The bhawan is a must-visit destination for all those who believe in Gandhiji's philosophy and those who want to know more about the 'Great Man'. One of the most influential freedom fighters of India, Mahatma Gandhi stayed at the Mani Bhavan of Bombay between 1917 and 1934, during India's freedom struggle.

It was in this building that Mahatma Gandhi started the use of charkha, in the year 1917. The bhawan also served as the venue for the commencement of the numerous movements started by him, like the Non-Cooperation Movement, Satyagraha, Swadeshi Movement, Khadi Movement and Khilafat Movement. It was in the year 1955 that Mani Bhawan went under the stewardship of the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi.

For the past fifty years, it has been serving as 'Mani Bhawan Gandhi Museum', a memorial of the great leader - who contributed a lot to the freedom of India. The museum covers various aspects of Gandhiji and his life. It tells people how the efforts of the Mahatma helped in gaining independence from the British. Mani Bhawan Museum today comprises of a picture gallery, a 20,000-volume research library and a film and recording archive.