Location : Near ITO, New Delhi

Attractions : Showcases the heritage and traditions of India

National Children's Museum of Delhi is situated in the Bal Bhawan Complex on Kotla Marg, near ITO. A visit to this museum is one of the best ways to keep the children in touch with the tradition, culture and heritage of India. The National Childrens Museum at Delhi displays a rich collection of toys and dolls from different countries, stone and bronze objects, traditional jewelry, arts and crafts, musical instruments, currency of various countries, etc.

National Children Museum has a place known as Children's Creative Work, which displays the pieces of arts created by children. Summer camps are organized here, with workshops on arts, theatre, painting, music, dance, etc. National Children's Museum also provides a number of other facilities like drama kits, stories, puppets, toys, costumes and puppet shows. The museum complex also has a hostel, sports facilities, Science Park, aquarium, jet fighter, functional mini train and so on.

There are a number of permanent galleries in the museum, namely…

Hamara Bharat Gallery

This gallery uses mediums like audiovisual aids to showcase culture, arts, religions, etc of India.

Gaurav Gatha Gallery

This gallery aims to display past civilizations, achievements, legends, freedom struggle, leaders, etc of India.

Surya (Sun) Gallery

As the name suggests, this gallery is dedicated to Sun, trying to explain its importance, origin, and its significance from a religious angle, etc.