Umiam Lake, a mesmerizing man-made reservoir, is located at a distance of 15 kilometres north of Shillong which is the capital of the north-eastern Indian state of Meghalaya. The lake was formed after a dam was constructed to generate hydroelectric power. The scenic Umiam Lake is encircled by lush green East Khasi hills that form one of the best panoramic sights for nature-lovers in the country. The sunrise at the lake is a treat to watch and shouldn't be missed. The Umiam Lake has a park adjoining it which is a hotspot for picnics and frequented by locals for a getaway from their busy scheduled.

The serene lake or the reservoir is surrounded by thick coniferous forests and expands over an area of about 222 square kilometres. Students and nature-lovers can admire the flora and fauna at Umiam Lake as they study the science behind the dam, children can spend some time in the park with their parents, visitors can take a long boat ride in the lake, and adventure lovers can enjoy boating and various water-sports. Apart from the tranquillity that Umiam Lake has to offer, one can also observe the daily life of the natives who come to the lake in search of twigs and grass or the fishermen canoeing in the still waters. In summers, the shores are adorned by beautiful Gulmohar trees while in winters, the water level recedes and turns azure.

Things To Do at Umiam Lake

Boating at Umiam Lake : A leisure boat ride should never be missed at Umiam Lake. The sight of the serene waters of the reservoir, the lush green forests that surround the lake under the enchanting skies is truly exhilarating. Boating is one of the most preferred activities in the region and visitors can choose between Group, Family, Couple and Solo boat rides.

Water Sports : Water sports are highly recommended in the lake waters. Adventure seekers can satisfy their craving for adventure sports at the Water Sports Complex by the Umiam Lake that has provisions for Solo boating, Angling, Kayaking and Water Skiing.

Trekking and Camping : Trekking and Camping at Umiam Lake is a marvellous idea for serious trekkers. They can trek through the dense forests and camp at the Lumpongden Island which is an isolated piece of land in the reservoir. The entire process of building camping tents to campfires and cooking food is a wonderful experience and should be had at least once in a lifetime.

Fishing at Umiam Lake : Fishing freaks can go fishing in the Umiam Lake. The enormous area of the reservoir is home to a variety of fishes like Carps and Catfishes. Locals frequent the lake for fishing every day.

Legend of Umiam Lake

The name 'Umiam' means 'water of tears' in Khasi, and there's a fascinating story around it. According to the fable, there were once two sisters who began their journey from heaven to descend to Meghalaya, the beautiful abode of clouds. The younger sister lost her way during the journey. The grief of not being able to find her sister was unbearable for the elder sister, and she shed tears continuously. The tears thus formed the Umiam Lake.

Best Time to Visit Umiam Lake

The best time to Visit Umiam Lake is between March and June as the weather is pleasant to explore the region.

How to Reach Umiam Lake

One can take a taxi or a cab ride from Shillong and reach the beautiful lake via the scenic NH6 route. It is a short one hour drive from any area in Shillong.

The Shillong Airport is the closest airport to Umiam Lake. One can take a cab ride and reach the picturesque lake in about 25 minutes via the Shillong Bypass Road.