Manasbal Lake is one of nature's wonders with an impeccable beauty which classifies it as one of the most beautiful lakes in Kashmir. It is situated at a distance of 30 km from Srinagar which falls on the way to Wular Lake. The sparkling water of the Manasbal Lake makes it appear scenic and is also a means of living for the people. The name of the lake has been derived from the pure Mansarovar Lake in the region of Tibet. Manasbal Lake is a scenic location which attracts a huge crowd. Considered as the deepest lake in India it is also known as the supreme gem of all Kashmir Lakes.

Described as the heaven for birdwatchers, tourists are likely to experience a different aspect of Kashmir via its calmness. Garoka which is a Mughal garden is another very famous attraction built by Nur Jahan. Present on the banks of the lake, the ruins of the Manasbal Temple and Buddhist shrines boast of the Mughal era. Some of the small snow streams drain into this lake which is used for fishing by the locals. One of the best tourist attractions, the calm waters, and lotus leaves along with blooming flowers is a feast for the eyes.

Activities at Manasbal Lake

Recently, water skiing has now become a well-known sport in Manasbal Lake. There are also numerous activities for the visitors to engage in outdoor activities, amusements and water sports. It is also a well-known picnic spot amongst all the locals. The local operators also organize boat rides, aquatic sports such as skiing and rafting on the shores of the lake. It is home to a variety of bird species specific to the Himalayan regions. One can also go about enjoying relaxing strolls and boat rides along the lake. After enjoying the greenery around the Manasbal Lake, tourists can also travel towards Garoka which is a very famous Mughal garden which was built by the Mughal Empress Noor Jahan which provides wonderful views of the lake and mountains.

All the required equipment for water skiing in the lake is provided by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department, and the instructors who are well trained can be hired by the tourists. The glossy surface of the lake along with its extensive length is enough to attract tourists to try out their hand in water skiing sport. The serene surroundings in addition to the sparkling make the Manasbal Lake the perfect sports resort. Since water skiing is the main sport practised here, one can find certified trainers here at low prices from May until the end of August.

Attractions Near Manasbal Lake

Visitors are never likely to get bored of this place since there is just so much to be a part of. It is a paradise for all the bird watchers with the variety of birds which can be found here. There are also numerous orchards situated on the bank of the lake apart from the Mughal Garden and Jharogabagh Fort. The beauty of the place is enhanced by the presence of the Chinar Trees and Mulberry, as well as, Apple orchards.

Travellers can also discover the villages of Kondabal and Jarokbal which surround the place. One of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia, i.e. Wular Lake is also situated near the Manasbal Lake. All the culture, as well as religion lovers too, are going to love the place due to the presence of the Manasbal Temple which is an old temple present on the Eastern side of the lake constructed from local grey stone in 800-900 AD.

Best Time To Visit Manasbal Lake

The perfect time to visit the Manasbal Lake is between May and October since the temperature is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing somewhere between 8 to 22 degrees Celsius. Winters should be avoided since the temperature during that time is chilly and not enjoyable.

How to Reach Manasbal Lake

Since the Manasbal Lake is situated in Safapora town in the district of Ganderbal, the best way to reach there is via Srinagar which is 30 km away from the lake. Tourists can take the regular bus and private taxis from here to reach the lake enjoying the beautiful valleys of Shadipur, Gandarbal and Nasim on the way.