Hamirsar Lake is located in the western end of Bhuj. Its water level depends on the time of the year. It might be dry and largely deserted, or full of water, and encircled by merry families. The lake is absolutely stunning in look and has a cheerful outlook. It is a must visit, for a happening and lovely get together.

Hamirsar Lake is a water body at the heart of Bhuj town. It is located in Kutch, Gujarat. Bhuj is known for hot and dry summers. This lake is considered an oasis between saline and arid Kutch. The kings built the lake to fulfill the domestic needs of people of Bhuj in the ancient times. Hamirsar Lake was well developed with a channel and tunnels that used to carry water from three rivers to fill the town's water reservoirs. But after the earthquake of 2001 in Bhuj, this water system was gravely disturbed distorted. The municipality and people of Bhuj took initiatives to revive the water system to its original form to fulfill the needs of its people once again. This was achieved in 2003. The water of Hamirsar Lake became potable. This manmade lake was named after Rao Hamir, a Jadega ruler who ruled around 450 years ago. Rao Hamir is considered the father of Rao Khengarji, the founder of Jadega dynasty in Kutch.

History of Hamirsar

Hamirsar lake is a 450-year-old lake named after Jadeja ruler Rao Hamir who is known as the founder of Bhuj.

The lake was built during the reign of Rao Khengarji I, the founder of Jadeja dynasty in Kutch, who named it after his father Rao Hamir. He chose this place as an oasis in saline and arid Kutch and later developed canals to bring water collectively from three river systems and recharge acquifier, to fulfill the needs of Bhuj, which was declared as the capital of his kingdom in 1549.

Augun of Hamirsar is a unique festival celebrated in Kutch at a time when the lake overflows due to rains. This festival has been followed since the times of ancient kings. The King at that time would perform a Puja when the lake overflowed and Megh laddoos (sweets) were distributed as prasad to the people of Kutch. Puja was done as a thanksgiving to the almighty and to welcome new water into the lake.

Geography of Hamirsar

The lake is spread over an area of 28 acres and have a beautiful mid-lake garden.The mid-lake island in center of lake which was earlier called as Green Island now has been re-named as Rajendra Park and is maintained as a beautiful garden.

How to Reach Hamirsar Lake

It can be reached by any mode of transport.The lake is easily accessible from Bhuj.