The breathtaking and gorgeous Ana Sagar Lake is a magnificent artificial lake that is located in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan, India. This lake, which dries up every year in the summer season, is best visited during the sunsets when the views are extraordinarily marvellous to look at. The sight of the lake from the nearby temple is also particularly enchanting. Do not forget to take a camera to capture the fantastic and heavenly views that you behold here. All in all, a visit to the Ana Sagar Lake is a must when you are in Ajmer, for the beauty of this lake can be enjoyed and cherished with friends and family alike. Today, the Ana Sagar Lake is one of Ajmer's most popular lakes and is also one of the largest lakes that India is home to.

The construction of this critical site took place under the purview and instructions of Anaji Tomar, who was the grandfather of the grand and majestic king Prithvi Raj Chauhan. In fact, the lake is named after the king Anaji himself. The lake was founded during the 12th century after a dam was built across the Luni River, as a means to promote a better lifestyle amongst the people. Today, the Ana Sagar Lake is one of Ajmer's most popular lakes and is also one of the largest lakes that India is home to.

The Ana Sagar Lake is surrounded by Daulat Bagh Gardens, which is a splendid garden full of vast open spaces and lush greenery, and the Khobra Behroon temple- two popular attractions of Ajmer that tourists prefer to visit along with a day trip to the beautiful lake. The lake is only 13 kilometres away from the main city of Ajmer. An island can be spotted in the centre of the lake. Tourists love to indulge in boating or water scooter rides here. The lake is about 4.4 metres deep and spreads over an area of 12 kilometres.

Attractions and Activities at Ana Sagar Lake

There is not much to do at the lake except to simply sit back and admire the overwhelming and awe-inspiring views. You can visit the quiet and peaceful island that is located in the midst of the lake. The island can be reached on a water scooter or a boat. The boat or water scooter can be hired from the eastern side of the Daulat Bagh.

Tourists and visitors are often found sprawling along the lake, jogging, or indulging in the street food such as cotton candy, popcorn and gol-gappe that are sold by the local vendors in the evenings. There is not much to do at the lake itself. You can enjoy the sunset which is what it is known for. Apart form that you can chek out the dargah bazar which is nearby. The famous churi bazaar is also one to not be missed. You should try the local food at Dargah bazaar too.

The beautiful lake of Ana Sagar is enclosed by many famous and visit-worthy attractions such as the Daulat Bagh Gardens and the Khobra Behroon shrine on the southern part of the lake. Since a visit to the lake does not last for a very long period, it is advisable to explore the nearby attractions and tourist spots such as Adahi-Din-Ka-Jhopra, Taragarh Fort, Prithviraj Smarak and Nasiyan.

Best Time To Visit Ana Sagar Lake

Undoubtedly, the best time to visit the Ana Sagar Lake is between October and March. The weather is pleasant at this point, and the water level of the lake is full. Visiting the lake during the scorching summer months is a futile exercise since the lake dries out completely.

How to Reach Ana Sagar Lake

The Ana Sagar Lake is located just 1.5 kilometres from the Dargah, a favourite tourist spot in Ajmer. If you are coming from there, you can reach the lake by going up north and then crossing the Karakka Chowk. The lake is also about 2 kilometres away from the Ajmer Railway Station, from where you can walk or take a rickshaw. If you are coming from other parts of the city, you can easily reach the lake by booking a cab.