Odisha, the land of rich heritage, age-old civilization and unique culture, has been a prime holiday destination among pilgrimages, beach tour enthusiast, wildlife lovers and nature tour lovers. Not forget to mention the tour aficionados who love to explore the real art, dance, music and Oriya hospitality.

The beautiful state has something for everyone. For honeymooners, Odisha has a lot to explore ranging from beautiful beaches to prehistoric monuments, wildlife to rural area and tranquility. Gopalpur, also known as Gopalpur on Sea in Ganjam District of Odisha at 3-4 hours drive from Bhubaneswar is also one of the wonderful destinations for honeymooners. However, there are limited options to explore, but what draw the attentions of couples for honeymoon in Gopalpur is the tranquility, deep sea, high rise waves and above all the sea world, especially group of turtles that often walk and lay on the beaches.

Not forget to mention the wonderful attractions in and around Gopalpur. During your Gopalpur honeymoon tour, you will explore palm trees, high rise waves, tranquility and pleasant weather. Just laying on the sun decks on beaches or walk away for miles with your darling would be some of the best moments to cherish for the time to come.

There are numerous water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, etc to enjoy, when you come for honeymoon in Gopalpur. Some of the wonderful attractions that you will explore during your honeymoon tour in Gopalpur.

Berhampur – a handicraft village that is known for Silk sarees, horn toys and different handicraft products.

Chilika Lake – One of the biggest sale water lake in India and Aisa known for boating, water sports, fishing and bird watching.

Taptapani – It is a hot sulphur spring known for its amazing medicinal properties. Lush green forest range is also the wonderful view to explore.

Ma hurt Kalua – It is another scenic spot and the shrine of Goddess Kalua.

In addition to the aforementioned wonderful destinations, Patisonapur, Tarantarini, Jaugarh, Rambha, Aryapalli, Ghodahada, etc are also some of the wonderful destinations to explore during your Gopalpur honeymoon tours.

Puri beach is also wonderful, but it has a sacred belief; while Gopalpur beach in Ganjam District of Odisha is different as it creates an environment for honeymooners so that they can enjoy the tour in their own way.

With an aim to make your honeymoon memorable and full of sweet memories, we have come up with Gopalpur honeymoon tour packages that will go well with your budget and requirement. You just have to send us a mail or give us a call and rest will be done by us.