Well-off for being home to comely corals and clarion waters, the placid beach of Tarkarli draws thousands of pilgrims for the grand hosting of Ramnavami festival annually. Quite admired for the elongated littoral, and gem-blue sea water, the beach of Tarkarli remains to be the perfect weekend gateway. Scuba diving at Tarkarli beach is one of the important things to do besides discerning the dolphins, parasailing. Set against the sardines of Suru trees, expansive stretch of sea, and dainty hamlets the Tarkarli boasts of being one of the popular beaches in the state of Maharashtra.

The confluence of Karli River and Arabian Sea known as Sangam is one of the important tourism places in Tarkarli besides the backwaters of Karli that flows from Tarkarli to Kudal and the impressive firth of Karli. A witness to the Maratha battles back in the ancient days, the ancient Vijaydurg fort stands famous for being the remnant of bravery. Renowned for the intricate designs that dates back to the reign of Shivaji and encircled by the Arabian sea, the Sindhudurg is preferred over anything else by the history buffs.

Lying adjacent to the Tarkarli beach, Devbagh is known for its fun water sports, placidity and Tsunami Island. Besides, Dhamapur Lake, is another place of interest which sprawls over 10 acres of land and is best known for its serene waters that in turn enable water sports. Forming a brook at the point where the beach ends, Kolamb beach is well-acclaimed for dolphins and water sports. With cleanliness and serenity ruling the beach of Achra, the perfect silhouette in the evening sky followed by the pristine seashore adds to the glamour.

The tranquil beach of Tarkarli is quite adored for the star-fishes and sea snakes that embellish the quite seashore. The dainty town of Malvan some 6 kilometers away from Tarkarli is filled with loving hearted people who’s congenial gestures surely makes up for your finest tour. The fluttering of kites all across the seashore sky followed by the beautiful rare species of sea birds and sea creatures simply add on to the attractions of Tarkarli.