The Surathkal beach lies further down the Konkan Coast, south of the tourist trap of Goa, about 13 km from the port city of Mangalore, home to one of the major ports of India. Unlike Goa, the beaches in Mangalore have not been overly exposed to tourism, retaining their natural charm of endless stretches of spotless shores which are met by the alluring Arabian Sea. The Surathkal beach is a prime example of the pristine nature of these coastal delights.

With beautiful rocks that delightfully punctuate the smooth coastline, the Surathkal beach is a great location for those looking to enjoy the pleasure of the Konkan coast without a herd of people marring the lovely view of the ocean. The sunsets here are breathtaking and definitely worth the drive from Mangalore. As this beach isn't frequented by tourists often, there are few options for those wanting to engage in water sports. The enchanting Sadashiv temple found here encases the piece of the Shiv Lingam that gives this beach its name. A charming lighthouse completes the scene of coastal beauty one is presented with at this site.

How to Reach Surathkal Beach

Air : The closest airport is the Mangalore International Airport, located about 17 km from the beach.

Rail : The Surathkal Railway station is generally stopped at by most trains that travel by the Konkan coast. The Mangalore Central Railway station is very well connected to major railway stations across the country.

Road : The NITK bus stop on NH66 is a short walk away from the NITK beach, a part of the Surathkal beach. Alternatively, the Surathkal bus stop is also situated very close to the other side of the beach. One can hire private transport from Mangalore to reach the beach, as it is well-known amongst locals.