Kaup is situated at the distance of 12km from the south of Udupi and is the perfect holiday destination. Kaup is known to have a lovely beach, a ruined fort and 100ft high light house. Kaup Beach is one among the leading beaches of Karnataka where the tourists come to enjoy the beauty of the beach and to feel the cool sea breeze on their tired skin. Kaup Beach is one of visited beaches of Mangalore. Its tropical climate attracts tourists all over the country as well as from different parts of the world. Kaup is located between Mangalore and Udupi in state of Karnataka. Residents of Kaup speak ‘Tulu’. The beach is picturesque and known for its serenity and natural beauty.

Kaup Beach is one of the eminent and famed beaches in Udupi. It is a nature’s gift in the true sense and one can see beauty in abundance here. Sound of the waves simply blends in with the breeze and create a perfect harmonic atmosphere. The lighthouse on the shore of the Arabian Sea adds to the beauty of the view. Rocks near the shore make the sea rough and beach lovers get the pleasant feel of the Arabian sea known for its crushing waves.

Kaup beach is well-known for its pristine environment and pleasant atmosphere. The vicinity of the beach is all covered with green plants and shrubs. The cool breeze on the white sandy beach is just what you need to refresh your mind and relieve yourself from tiredness. This is the reason why Kaup beach is one of the most preferred destinations for families and friends to spend a relaxed time.

If you are adventurous by nature, the Kaup beach has a lot in store for you. You will find various water sports waiting for you to experience them. Fragrance of the surrounding flora blows across the beach creating a soothing effect. Walking on the cool blue water is simply bliss. The beach also has numerous shacks and eateries which serve the local cuisine. You will find numerous cuisines and you can choose your favorite mouth watering dish and order a drink along with and enjoy your perfect day at the beach.

How to Reach Kaup Beach

By Air : Distance from Airport to Kaup Beach is 15 kms.

By Train : Distance between Mangalore Junction to Kaup Beach is 9 kms.

By Bus : Buses from various cities are well-connected to Kaup Beach.