Also known as the ‘Turtle Paradise’ of Andaman, Karmatang Beach was a quaint place which has, in recent years, turned into a behemoth vacation spot. The beach is just a short ride away from Mayabunder and located in the north section of Middle Andaman. It has often been a sort of weekend getaway for many locals due to the abundance of facilities as well as activities that one can use or partake in. The place is also favourite amongst families or groups of friends and has a tourist vibe to it. Karmatang beach’s pleasant weather and scenic views make it one of the most visually attractive places in Andaman. The shallow waters as well as the tall green trees that shadow the beach and the eco- friendly habits make the beach clean and pleasing to the eye and add to its beauty. The place is also most famous for being a turtle nesting spot as well as being a central attraction that connects many other activities and attractions nearby.

Activities at Karmatang Beach

While there are many activities of varying degrees available in and around Karmatang Beach, there are a few signature activities that can be enjoyed by most. These activities include:

Turtle Nesting : As mentioned earlier, Karmatang Beach is also known as the ‘Turtle Paradise’ of Andaman. This is because the beach is a known turtle nesting area. During December to February, several turtles lay their eggs on this beach. These eggs are there cared for by the caretakers on the beach, and an entire nesting farm is also made on the beach for the care and protection of these turtles. This nesting farm also has a visitor’s complex which is a delight to visit, especially for children and families or ecologists and biologists.

Boating : While visiting Karmatang beach, many individuals prefer to arrive by boat. This is because the boat ride to the beach in itself is a marvellous experience. The journey is taken through a steamer boat from Mayabunder to Karmatang beach, and on the way to the beach, the boat travels through dense mangrove brooks that are a sight to witness.

Trekking : Karmatang beach is the central spot from where a famous trek from Mount Harriett to Madhuban takes place. This trek is 16 kilometres long and is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature while discovering flora and fauna that are unique to the island. Aside from this, the treks starting and ending point themselves are real treats. Mount Harriett is the highest peak in Andaman whereas the Madhuban area is a place that is used to training elephants, which means interacting with these humongous yet friendly animals is a definite possibility.

Best Time to Visit Karmatang Beach

Karmatang Beach has pleasant weather throughout the year. If you do not mind slightly hot and humid temperatures going in the summer season may also be an option. Most individuals prefer to visit during the chilly winter season. However, the monsoon season is strictly avoided due to the heavy rainfall. Therefore, the best time to visit Karmatang Beach is from November to May.

How to Reach Karmatang Beach

Port Blair is the closest airport to Karmatang Beach. From Port Blair, the distance by road is around 240 kilometres via the Grand Andaman Trunk Road. Several Ferries, Ships and STS Buses also transport from Port Blair to Mayabunder, which is the nearest city to Karmatang Beach. From Mayabunder, Karmatang Beach is 12 kilometres away. This means that it takes around 20 minutes to reach by road.