Gokarna beach is several kilometres long and is situated at the edge of Gokarna which is a quaint pilgrim town in Karnataka. It has recently gained popularity as a go-to beach destination owing to its beautiful stretches of sand and pristine locations. Gokarna beaches were hardly used by the locals until foreign tourists started thronging the seaside. Many enterprising locals started stores, restaurants and now fully fledged resorts cater to the tourists. It is quite popular with pilgrims who come to the town to seek the blessings of Shiva, Indian groups and with foreign tourists as well.

The beaches are clean and safe. Since Gokarna is generally overcast, one does not need to worry about the heat. Large trees provide ample shade for a relaxing afternoon, perfect for reading a book or taking a carefree nap. Pleasant water with a heavenly backdrop summarizes a day at the beach in this virgin town. The muddy uphill roads with forest cover on both sides provide for more than a reason to go for a trek or a family picnic. The steep rocks in the shallow sea allow rock climbing for the adventure junkies. Bird and animal life is plenty around the serene beaches. While in Gokarna, taking a crash course in Yoga is also a great way to spend the mornings. Practising this ancient Indian art and breathing in the fresh sea air under the orange light of the rising sun can add an all new meaning to the weekend.

Best Time To Visit Gokarna Beach

The best months to visit this destination is from October to March. Morning and evening hours here are enjoyable hours through the day.

Shopping at Gokarna Beach

Undoubtedly, shopping is one of the most looked forward to activity pursued in any destination, and if you are in Gokarna you will have quite a few items to choose from. The main market area is great for shopping as there are bags, purses, idols, trinkets, souvenirs and other items like jewellery, clothes and accessories available at reasonable prices. Local artefacts are also there which includes both abstract and religious. Trendy backpacks are a favourite among the tourists. You can also grab a few religious souvenirs such as prayer beads and idols of various Gods and Goddesses. Most shops have similar items, so it is a good idea to check around for the prices before you actually buy something.

How to Reach Gokarna Beach

Gokarna is located just a few hours from Goa and Bangalore. KSRTC has a number of buses plying from Bangalore, Mangalore, Panjim and Hubli, while a number of private operators run buses from Bangalore to Gokarna as well. You can also drive your way to this destination.