The people of India are very religious. Yamunotri is one of the religious places where the devotees visit in huge numbers. The visitors coming to this place get a chance to visit the holy river, Yamuna and feel the spirituality. It is believed by devotees that the highly respected Asit Muni used to live in this place in the ancient time. In the Hindu religion, there are four main places which are considered as Char Chams and people visit all four of them to complete their pilgrim tour. This religious tour begins with a visit to Yamunotri. This place is made with respect to Goddess Yamuna. This shrine was constructed by Maharani Guleria of Jaipur, in the late nineteenth century. However, the original building was destroyed by an earthquake and had to be reconstructed. It is not very quickly approachable and making it here is a difficult job even though most people strive to attain it on their Journey to Yamunotri. On your Travel to Yamunotri, you will also get to observe warm springs. Religious followers take a dip in these hot water springs. What appears even more extraordinary is that these believers knot rice and potatoes in a muslin fabric and lowers it in the Surya Kund, one of the most prominent springs with temperatures as high as 190 degreeFarenheit to prepare the food. However, Yamunotri does not just charm spiritually minded people. Those who are venture loving will surely like to organize a Tour to Yamunotri. There are a lot of decent hotels in Yamunotri where devotees can stay to rest during their travel. Book these hotels in Yamunotri with EasyMyJourney and enjoy the spiritual tour.

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