Among the loveliest spaces of Kerala, Wayanad has a plenitude of choices for its guests. Section of a jungle reservation, Wayanad is positioned on the margin of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The whole area is really gorgeous as it is absolutely green with hilly areas and wildlife including Tholpetty in the North, Muthanga in the east adjoining with Tamil Nadu. You will have a memorable experience wandering through the sprawling spice ranches, taking that trek into the pre-historic caves and undergoing a resort holiday is one of the many elements you can do to get a feeling of Wayanad. A fabulous spot to find wild elephants, cool wind, pretty landscape, Wayanad is assured to satisfy your wandering minds. Overall, a complete weekend plan from the cities of South India. Wayanad resorts draw collectively all the components that make Wayanad the crown jewel of God’s Own Country, Kerala. Another amazing place is in northeastern Kerala, resting in the lap of Western Ghats is the charming village of Wayanad, recognized for being the residence of nature and nature lovers. Dotted with numerous hills and vibrant forests where you can discover jungle paths, treks, charming waterfalls and rivers. The overall consequence of this blend of grace with nature is overwhelming. There a lot of hotels in Wayanad with scenic views. You can book these hotels in Wayanad with EasyMyJourney and enjoy the beautiful nature from there.

Some of the best Wayanad hotels that will surely keep you enticed are :