It is one of the magnificent existing cities in the realm, Varanasi. Tourists can admire it or loathe it, but they unquestionably cannot oppose getting affected by its unconventional vibe - be it the vivacious narrow paths that zig-zag behind the ghats, the rush to see the evening aarti, the irresistible food or the long boat ride along the stretch of ghats by the Ganga. Considered to be the spiritual place for Hindus to cremate their loved ones, the satirical celebration of life around the business of death is difficult to miss. Thousands of travelers descend on the ghats each year to immerse in the spirit of Varanasi. The beating core of Varanasi, Vishwanath Temple is committed to Lord Shiva and is eternal of the 12 revered jyotirlingas in the nation. One of the most popular Hindu stupas, even its flash is said to be auspicious. Flooding with believers that arrive to extend their devotions day and night, the Prayag Ghat is another meaningful ghat in Varanasi. Garbled discussions with paan-filled jaws, a cup of tea with immigrants in a tea shop, sizzling road cuisine, antiquated havelis from which the tone of implements still transmits into the paths and the all year round celebration of festivals are simply a few of elements that give the city nothing short of charm. There are various hotels in Varanasi for the travelers including budget and luxury hotels. You can book these hotels in Varanasi right now with EasyMyJourney. So plan your holiday now!

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