The township of Uttarkashi is established in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This city is a very famous tourist stop in the area and it is inhabited in the Uttarkashi district. The place is recognized for its stunning natural attraction and is also designated as Devbhumi, which can be completely altered to ‘Land of the Gods’. Wanderers from all nearby the country flock to this area too, due to its spiritual culture. There are several stupas in Uttarkashi that you can tour during your voyage to the place and the most popular one among these is that of Lord Vishwanath. This is the highest temple in the district and the most patronized one as well. There are numerous smaller temples in Uttarkashi as well, and these are sanctified to the principal deities Hanuman and Durga. Several additional shrines are being in Uttarkashi and they present a broad variety of Lords, including Parashurama, Annapurna, Bhairav, Laksheswar and Ekadashrudra. The Nehru Mountaineering Institute, which is established in Uttarkashi, is also a popular visitor spot in the area. You can also tour the hot water springs in the province of Gangnani during your journey to Uttarkashi. Gangotri is a famous pilgrimage spot established in the area, at a range of 99 kilometers from Uttarkashi. Yamunotri can also be toured from the city as well. Stay in the luxury hotels in Uttarkashi and enjoy the beautiful place. Book these hotels in Uttarkashi with EasyMyJourney and relax during your holiday.

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