Thrissur is one of the magnificent centers in Kerala. The saga says that the city was the municipality created by Lord Parasurama (6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) soon after the establishment of Kerala, by building a magnificent Shiva temple. The undivided city is designed around the grand Shiva temple identified as Vadakumnathan Temple. The temple is in the center of a mega roundabout that is 64 acres (26 hectares) in the area. This roundabout is known as Swaraj Round. All roads connect to this. Conceivably when Indians think of Thrissur, the first thought would be the popular Thrissur Pooram festival, the most interesting and thrilling temple festival of Kerala. This is also recognized as the greatest festival in Kerala. The celebration is at the Vadakkumnathan pagoda territories, in April or May. The city is uniformly famous for the ultimate celebrations of the Onam festival, which is the ethnic festival of Kerala. It entertains the important Pulikali during Onam ceremonies in August or September (depends on Malayalam calendar). Apart from festivals and history, Thrissur is also well appreciated as one of the best purchasing centers in Kerala for silks and gold embellishments. The city is also recognized as Entrepreneurial City, due to the appearance of a large number of businesspeople working in different trades. Much of the budget convenience is on the southern roads coming apart from the temple. Some hotels in Thrissur are very pocket friendly. During peak seasons, expect comfort prices to skyrocket and several rooms have to be booked out in advance. Book the hotels in Thrissur with EasyMyJourney to get best prices.

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