Tanjore has the ochre base sections of conceivably the most extraordinary civilization of Dravidian past, one of the rare kingdoms to extend Hinduism beyond India, a bedrock for elegant forms that overlay from Madurai to the Mekong. A dizzying traditional legacy was formed from Thanjavur, capital of the exceptional Chola imperialism during its bloom. Today Thanjavur is a crowded, frenetic, modernized Indian city – but the history is still a very significant presence. Every day thousands of people admire at the Cholas' magnificent Brihadishwara Temple, and the city's tangled impressive castle stores representations of other, later dominant dynasties. The cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is located in the fertile Cauvery delta and is just as popular for its temples, arts, and handicrafts as it is known for its paintings and rich history. Thanjavur’s culture, music and art are renowned over the world. Thiruvaiyaru, about 54 km from the city, is the birthplace of Sri Thyagaraja, the legendary musician-composer of Carnatic music. The Thanjavur school of art originated around 1600. The city is a shopper’s paradise and is the best place to buy handloom silk and cotton saris as well as paintings, bronze, brass idols and jewelry. There are several hotels in Tanjore for all budgets. A good accommodation makes the holiday even better. Book the best hotels in Tanjore with EasyMyJourney and have a wonderful vacation with your friends and/or your family.

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