Famously identified as ‘Heaven on Earth’, Srinagar is each part the essence of heaven on globe. As charming as the most remarkable painting to ever be drafted, Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, rests on the shores of the Jhelum river, and has a cool, mild climate all year round, adding to the continued penetration of travelers touring this city which allows a surplus of impressive spectacular sights. From the violent waters of Pahalgam to the peaceful fields of Gulmarg, everything about Srinagar will give you goosebumps, no matter where you’re viewing it. Once you tour Srinagar, the initial thing you do is shut your eyes and inhale in lungfuls of the clear, pure mountain air. The second thing you do is borrow a houseboat and spend a visit to Dal Lake. Hills circle the most popular visitor point in all of Kashmir, Dal Lake, and as long as your spectacle takes you, you can see the mountains displayed in the water. Getting a Shikara ride on Dal Lake is also a must-do exercise. There is no deficiency of budget hotels in Srinaga. It’s great to pay your money in a convenience that not only gives good accommodation but is also nearby famous tourist displays so that you don’t have to spend huge bucks for taxis and autos. You can book the hotels in Srinagar with EasyMyJourney to get best amenities and stay.

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