In India, one form or the other, meeting Divine is necessary, which is why people seldom actually choose hills to recover, spiritually and physically. Sonamarg is no distinction in this aspect, whether spiritual sought after in places of worship, Nature or just any optical representation that mind thinks into. Crossing through the 'Meadow of Gold' Sonamarg Hill Station in the state of Jammu & Kashmir it is not hard to miss record of time being lost in the landscape of Nature's proficiency. Try to peek into the channel and bottom of it along with gravitation would seem to be drawing. The pointed conifers make the whole hill appear looking towards sky attempting to attain some more height in the method. The white of snow matched with brown patches of the earth has no match when it comes to the subtle yet sublime color of the landscape. Some of these most delicate details are intricately woven in the valley. These factors are divine enough to provide its spectators enter in a kind of stupor, as momentary as it might be. Once upon a time, the place served as a part of antique silk gateways, but now the place is essentially known for the venture opportunity as well as viewing multiple glaciers, high altitude lakes, Indus River, and many other surprises to get entertained in. Wake up to a soft daylight and rest in the coziest of comforts while in Sonamarg. It is equipped with hotels in Sonamarg having facilities to meet all the general and customized needs of the visitors, especially when the season gets challenging. Book these hotels in Sonamarg with EasyMyJourney to get good prices and offers.

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