A popular visitor section at an altitude of 1829m above sea level, Ranikhet is embellished with nature's superior excellence. It is a serene and charming hill station built up by British and is established in the state of Uttaranchal. Antique memorials, magnificent undulating hilly regions, verdant greenery and majestic ranges make it the most attractive hill station in Uttaranchal. A minute town established near the impressive hill station of Ranikhet, Kalika is surrounded by dense woodlands and the site itself is amazing. One can tour Kalika shrine addressed to Goddess Kali to offer devotions. Jhula Devi Temple is one of the principal charms of Ranikhet and is paid a visit by various believers from wide and far. Actually implies Queen's meadow, the place has a wonderful tale through which it got its nickname. A graceful Indian queen visited here and hypnotized by the exquisiteness of this city. The place fascinates the tourists at this site every year to render with the extraordinary experience of natural reality and exquisiteness. Rising up to the sound of birds, the sweet-smelling aroma of flora, salubrious environment and many more appeals of this present it a pleasant place for the tourists. There is quite a numerous range of hotels in Ranikhet for business tourists and entertainment travelers. One will receive a moment to linger amid the flourishing greenery and emerald exquisiteness. Along with this, guests can enjoy swish amenities and flawless service at the popular hotels in Ranikhet. You can get good deals if you book the hotels in Ranikhet with EasyMyJourney.

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