Rameshwaram is one of the religious sites in India and is settled on a gorgeous haven. It is departed by a little Pamban way from Sri Lanka. According to the Hindu conviction, this is the spot where Lord Rama constructed a connection beyond the sea to Sri Lanka. Lord Shiva too is glorified in this place. Renowned for its sumptuous prakaras with tremendous sculptured pedestals, The Ramanathaswamy Temple houses the endless hallway in the world, it is known for its sumptuous prakaras with massive sculptured pedestals. Agniteertham is renowned for its divine streams and Pilgrims conduct poojas in recognition of their predecessors at this seaside. The Five-faced Hanuman Temple endures the floating stone which was used to construct the connection between India and Sri Lanka. Named after Lord Ram, Rameswaram is a living biography of The Ramayana. A wonderful land in the Indian Ocean, Rameswaram draws a number of visitors throughout the year for its inherent excellence and spiritual significance. While the various temples and 'tirthams' instill our faith in the tales of the Ramayana we have listened since our childhood, the sky-blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the magical ambiance of this seaside town turns on the explorer in us. Segregated from the region by the Pambam way, a trip to this 'Dham' of Hindu faith, along the Pambam Bridge is an expression you are sure to treasure all your life. There are a lot of hotels in Rameshwaram to stay during travel. Have the religious tour while staying at well-furnished hotels in Rameshwaram which you can book with EasyMyJourney and have a great holiday.

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