Pushkar is one of the most classical centers of India. Established in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district in the middle of Aravali range, Pushkar is usually designated as tirtha-raj, which actually indicates the king of pilgrim places. It is also amongst the five pilgrim sites or dhams for personalities following Hinduism. There are various temples in Pushkar and the most important temple is the Brahma temple, which is one of some temples devoted to Brahma in the world. Pushkar is also recognized for the Pushkar Lake, which has many ghats. Wanderers from beyond the country visit the lake to take a bath in its eternal water. The divine Pushkar Lake echoes with the mantras and hymns from the 400 blue glowing temples established on its edges. Pushkar is also denominated as ‘the rose garden of Rajasthan’, because of the flower plantation in and around the city. These flowers are transshipped across the world. Surrounded by hills, Pushkar is a popular stop among the believers and visitors equally. In the modern years, Pushkar has become one of the most important traveler stops among Indian as well as foreign travelers. The yearly Pushkar Camel Fair, which is held in November, is a significant people puller. The holiness and tranquility will get you to fall in love with Pushkar spontaneously. The wonderful architectural heritage and its fascinating history make Pushkar a must-visit place in India. There are several hotels in Pushkar to suit every budget. The tariff of the room may vary depending on the season with the prices soaring during Pushkar fair. EasyMyJourney gives great options for booking hotels in Pushkar.

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