Pune established 118 km from Mumbai at the meeting of two rivers (Mula and Mutha), is known as the artistic capital of Maharashtra. Maintaining its famous past and embracing modernity at the identical time, the city has come a long way from being a ‘pensioners’ paradise’. Usually called the Oxford of the East gratitude to the presence of various reputed educational institutions, Pune is also homeward to the National Defence Academy. A charming mix of the classical and contemporaneous, Pune has several tourist magnetism. From the Aga Khan Palace with its Italian curves, galleries, suites and capacious gardens, the Shaniwar Wada, the iconic masterpiece of the Maratha Empire. Being one of the capitals of the Maratha Empire, Pune’s rich antiquity is displayed in its various wadas (or large houses) and stupas like the ones at Saras Baug and atop Parvati Hills. Festivals in the city are celebrated with the great fervor with the Ganesha Chaturthi and the Pune Festival being the highlights. While the Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations, the city lives entirely blocked for over 10 days with more than 2,000 Ganesha mandals beautiful much taking over Pune with their ceremonies. There are a hotels in Pune that will suit every budget to the mid-range. Make sure you book yourself as close to the city center as possible since peak time traffic can tend to get very bad. Book the best hotels in Pune with EasyMyJourney and get the best deals.

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