Patnitop, a charming hill resort of the Kashmir channel, is located at a distance of 112 km from Jammu. Floating above a stunning plateau and encircled by thick forests, it is inhabited at a height of 2024 m. Some of the foremost draws of Patnitop, Kashmir are pleasant picnic points, serene tracks and majestic views of the peaks forming the backdrop of the Chenab basin. Patnitop hill station carries a dense coat of white snow in wintertimes. A plenty of snow games like skiing join to the spell of the hill resort in wintertimes. Patnitop counts amongst the best-developed vacationist places in the Kashmir channel. The natural beauty, dense pine forests and flourishing green landscape of this hill resort make it a popular tourist destination. Patnitop also claims of three freshwater origins, with ice-cold water and assumed to have healing characteristics. A 9-hole golf field attracts visitors to Patnitop in the summertime. You can also consider an outing to SudhMahadev, a religious site near Patnitop. Some yard short of SudhMahadev, Goddess Parvati practiced to have a shower before initiating her periodic devotions at SudhMahadev, is the fabulous spring. This spring occurred to be called after her as 'GauriKund'.There are several ventures to undertake while on a voyage of Patnitop, Kashmir. For the venture fanatics, there are marvelous trekking options near Patnitop. Explore the exotic destinations in Kashmir with all the enthralling activities, a wide range of Kashmir hotels in Patnitop, from 5-star luxury to budget hotels in Patnitop are there, gratified for any profession trip & vacations for Kashmir holiday. You can book these hotels in Patnitop with EasyMyJourney.

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