Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh's idyllic hill station, which appears to be it's only one, survives at an elevation of 1067 meters. It is a generous plateau, surrounded by the high hills of the Satpura series. The landscape is distinguished by rugged hills, woodlands and extensive ravines. Recognized as the flourishing jewel of the highlands, the all-pervading greenery of the area is what strikes the spectator. Different shades of green greet the eye - calm emerald pools, the green tones that embrace the hills, and the thick, impassable forest shelter that governs the sector. One of its main tendencies is the excellent view it extends at dusk, when the red sandstone scarp takes on the color of the sky, in different shades of purple and violet, as the magnificent sunsets on Pachmarhi. Among the few outstanding hill retreats in India, is Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh. It is not on the typical beat of hill station buffs and accordingly, not over-advanced. Though recognized as a hill station, it does not extend the anticipated mountain fare of outstanding hills and magnificent landscape, for the Satpuras are base lying weathered hills. Pachmarhi' s appeal is low key. Jamuna Prapat, this spectacular fall is the source of drinking water for the people of Pachmarhi. There are bathing pools above the fall which are very attractive, both with the locals as well as the visitors. You can book budget and luxury hotels in Pachmarhi. There are plenty of hotels in Pachmarhi which you can book with EasyMyJourney to get good deals. So book your stay now!

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