The famous town of Orchha, huddled on the banks of river Betwa, was established in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput Chief, Rudra Pratap. A legend goes that this is in honor of the seven erstwhile Chiefs of Orchha. The antique town seems frozen in time, with its many masterpieces continuing to retain their unique importance even to this day. The center of Orchha is the Ram Raja temple whose presiding deity is Lord Rama whose idol was supposed to be installed in the magnificent Chaturbhuj temple. Legend has it that the idols refused to move after being installed here and so a temple was built around them! Chaturbhuj temple is yet another impressive piece of architecture and was built to house the idols that are now inside the Ram Raja temple. Today, it houses the image of Radha-Krishna. Tip the security guard who will unlock a hidden staircase that leads to the roof and offers panoramic views of the surroundings. Even though there are limited accommodations, Orchha has an array of options in terms of location and ambiance. There are some hotels in Orchha which are heritage hotels and a beautiful place to stay. You can also opt to stay in a backwater resort, some of which offer accommodation facing the Betwa River. Book these hotels in Orchha with EasyMyJourney now.

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