Mussoorie is among those beautiful places in India where traces of the British Past left on Indian Empire could yet be seen. However, this is not the barely noteworthy aspect of this place. Touring temples with their fables and legends and ceremonies to worship accentuate the feel. That gets even immeasurable with all the picnic spots in the extension of Nature. Mussoorie voyage is like golden amber which keeps the glow of stimulation kindled in the human body and eternal soul. These are some of the characteristics that are immediately recognizable of Mussoorie, yet not the exclusive aspects. Among the apex jewels of tourism in Uttarakhand, Mussoorie has its own attraction for the tourists. Lures of the aforementioned 'Queen of Hills' invites everyone coming to this town cuddled in foothills of Garhwal the neighboring one gets, the more lenient he becomes. Although there is a prominent need to check 'over' in Mussoorie tourism and encourage eco-friendly aspect of it, the place extends to draw visitors from India and abroad being easily approachable and enchantingly welcoming. To actually enjoy a getaway in the hill station of Mussoorie, choosing the best hotel is key. Whether you prefer to check into a tried and tested hotel chain, or a more intimate boutique experience, Mussoorie has plenty of options to match your requirements. From restored royal homes and heritage hotels in Mussourie to a sprawling 5-star property; take your pick from amongst the best. Book your hotels in Mussourie today with EasyMyJourney to get amazing plans.

Some of the best Mussoorie hotels that will surely keep you enticed are :