Appreciated for its very traditional Mandawa Fort, Mandawa is a charming little town in the Jhunjhunu region of Rajasthan. Ordinarily identified as the Open Art Gallery, the city is replete with covered archways and beautiful havelis and fortresses. It is established in the center of the Shekhawati section and is dotted with mansions and marvelous palaces. The atmosphere and vibe of the area show the social and aesthetic surroundings of the place in the former era. Owing to its splendid version, it is also a hot spot for entertainment shoots and is packed in by media on and off the year. An accessible road trip from Delhi, a wonderful city, often called as an extensive art gallery, Mandawa is an immeasurable getaway for people affectionate of art and literature. Just as the whole of Shekhawati area is worth visiting, Mandawa is another antique and one of the dearest cities in the province, unquestionably deserving a vacation. An essential stoppage for tradesmen and merchants who exchanged good via the silk route back in those days, this city has a plenty of palaces and havelis and forts. Having raised in a culturally vibrant environment, the locals have the knowledge of recognizing art and are connected in artwork like painting, craft handicraft etc. Mandawa can be comfortably reached by road and is a great opportunity to sit back and rest while the eyes see and the brains acknowledge art. Take a relaxing trip by staying in luxury hotels in Mandawa if you are looking to have a good vacation. You can book these hotels in Mandawa with EasyMyJourney.

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