Greatly like Varanasi in the north, Madurai is one of the ancestral continuously inhabited cities in India. Located on the banks of Vaigairiver, the town is recognized for its Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. Aside from being a wanderer town, a famous sightseer destination, a social hotspot and the preceding capital of the Pandyan dynasty, Madurai is also appreciated for its food, cuisine, building, shopping and charming people. Madurai played a major role in the Indian independence movement; it was after seeing agricultural laborers wearing the loincloth in Madurai that Mahatma Gandhi decided to switch to wearing one himself. Celebrations of Madurai are famous and invite a lot of companies. The Jallikattu, the game of taming angry bulls, is similar to the Pamplona Bull Run held in Spain. Madurai also assists as the gateway to mountain stations like Kodaikanal and Munnar and to the extraordinary wildlife hotspot Periyar National Park. The city even notices specifying in the Tamil traditional epic, Silappatikaram that rotates around Kannagi who requites her husband’s death by destroying the Pandyanempire. Madurai has accommodation for all budgets. Most of the budget resorts are established close to the railway station, some are established adjacent to the Meenakshi temple. Being a little city, the journey should not be a matter. Maximum of the mid-range and leisure hotels in Madurai are positioned within a 10 km range of the airport. Summertime tends to be warm so it is expedient to book air-conditioned bedrooms. Book these hotels in Madurai with EasyMyJourney and get a comfortable stay during your travel.

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