India’s second-biggest city is a regular celebration of human presence, concurrently noble and squalid, educated and frantic, unquestionably futuristic while splendid in decay. Locally, Kolkata is considered as India’s philosopher, aesthetic and cultural capital. Although poverty is absolutely apparent, the self-made average class runs the city's center machinations, a nascent hipster society flourishes amongst its millennial citizens and its fashionable Bengali nobility frequent grand, traditional colonial-era clubs. As the erstwhile capital of British India, Kolkata holds a treat of imperial-era structure conflicting starkly with inner-city slums and powerful new-town neighborhoods with their air-conditioned shopping markets. Kolkata is the perfect place to encounter the moderate yet twisted tang of Bengali food. Favorable than India’s other metropolises, this is a city you ‘feel’ more than ordinarily attend. Owing to its vast culture and imperial past, Kolkata has an plenty of impressive monuments, relics, spiritual shrines and antique relics. The city is also amazingly bestowed with natural grace. Your plan will have no area for dullness while hitting the ‘City of Joy’. There are lots of hotels in Kolkata to pick from. You can splurge on convenience and choose one of the luxurious hotels or prefer to stay at a mid-range hotel that allows all the pleasures without draining your wallet. The city is also home to various hotels for those on a footwear-sequence. Provisioning to all varieties of lodging demands, the city of joy has something for everyone. You can book these hotels in Kolkata with EasyMyJourney and get good deals.

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